About Us


We serve with honesty, integrity and trust

  • Immaculate Ford Flex – 6 Passenger

  • Personalized service

  • Established in 1993 in Rochester, NY

  • No additional fees for additional passengers, luggage, etc.

  • 24/7 availability

  • Flat rates available for certain shuttle routes

  • Owner/operator service


“I had the last flight to Rochester from Atlanta that landed at 1:00AM.  It was difficult to find transportation at that hour, but Evan didn’t hesitate to offer Mr. Dependable’s services.  On fairly short notice he was on time, reliable, extremely pleasant and I felt comfortable with him especially at that hour.  I would not hesitate to use Evan’s and Mr. Dependable’s services in the future and likely will.  If you need wonderful, reliable transportation in the Rochester area, I highly recommend Evan!”